Now is the perfect time to be thinking about how you can improve how your home works for you and your family through a permitted development extension and refurbishment project.

Over the past couple of weeks we have had the way we live our lives completely changed. Our homes are now the place where we do everything, from spending time with family to working our 9-5. What we expect from our home has been stretched. Our houses must now be coffee house, pub, office, family home, gym, quiet space and community hub all at once. These expectations have always been there, however, bubbling under the surface and carefully managed by well-timed holidays, busy work and family schedules and Netflix binge watching sessions.

As we spend more time in our homes over the next month we can begin to see the full potential in our homes. We no longer have to make do with our cramped living spaces or lack of functionality. We can begin to plan how to change it. At lapd Architects we really believe in the power of great design, based around you and your life, to transform how you make the most of your entire day – from waking up to a beautiful Spring morning with a cup of coffee to spending time cooking dinner with the family.

Start at the beginning: Internal Alterations

The first thing to begin thinking about is what spaces simply don’t work for the whole household. At the minute it should be more evident than ever what rooms don’t function how they should and cause friction in the morning or evening routine. Does your kitchen need more space whilst everyone grapples for the tea bags? Does no one sit in that one corner because there is no natural sunlight? The problems with your home you will be facing at the moment are more likely than not exaggerations of something that was already an issue.

You should also be thinking about your usual routine. What are you noticing about everybody’s daily habits, especially outside of work/ school hours? A well designed space should work to bring people together at the right moments as well as allow people to get away from each other when they need to as well. Your home is about head space as much as it is about family time.

You would be surprised at how much can be done when working with an architect to focus on the internal layout and functionality of your home. We work with lots of clients whose primary goal is to make the space they already have fit around their lives in a way that makes more sense. We design for living!

The possibilities of Permitted Development

Permitted Development allows you to undertake certain types of works, such as single storey extensions or annexes, without the need to apply for planning permission. This is usually concerning works of a certain size, for example extensions that add no more than 3m/ 4m (depending on the type of property). However, recently new changes that took effect in May 2019 mean that sometimes larger extensions (of up to 8m in some cases) can be undertaken. These larger works will require prior notification. Find out more about PD here, or search about what it might mean for your property type here.

But, why are we talking about Permitted Development? Well, it’s quicker, easier and cheaper than a larger project that requires the usual routes of planning permissions to be adhered to. Working with an architect that understands the Permitted Development process means that you could design even more space into your home without having to undertake a massive extension or a complicated planning process.

You could create your new home office, gym or entertainment space in your garden under Permitted Development. Outbuildings and annexes are great ways to maintain a certain amount of separation from the rest of your home for these additional rooms.

How to NOT get overwhelmed

Focusing on something positive over the coming months, such as a better home for you and your family, could be a wonderful use of your lock down time at home. Thinking of all of this in one go can definitely be a little daunting, however.

That is why we are offering free initial consultations over our remote meeting software. One of our directors can see your home through pictures and videos beforehand, and look at floor plans online, in order to talk you through your options and the ways that we can help you to realise your dream home. Talking to a qualified architect who understands real life concerns such as timelines and financing at this early stage is invaluable.

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