We’re delighted to announce that the first of its kind Build It Self Build Education House, designed by our director Opinder Liddar, has been shortlisted for a RICS Social Impact Award 2020. The RICS Awards shortlisting really is a recognition of the many hours of work in getting the design to work for the self build community, showcasing to the general public the many facets of the self build design and build process. This was all whilst coming alongside Build It in the coordination of the numerous partners that were all working on making the project as unique and important as it is. We have been taking full advantage of our access to the meeting rooms there to meet potential Graven Hill and self-build clients. As the self-build community continues to flourish at Graven Hill, gaining new recognition such as this RICS Awards shortlisting, we know that this flagship project, headed up by the team at Build It, will become a place where ideas and inspiration can be shared.

The Education House is located at Graven Hill, a first of its kind self-build development built on an ex-MOD brownfield site in Bicester. Planning restrictions are lifted and plots are made easily available for all who are interested in the prospect of building their own home. This community of self-builders mutually benefit one another as they embark on their journeys side by side, sharing resources and knowledge. The Build It Self Build Education House is a landmark project at Graven Hill that wants to provide a hub of learning and inspiration for this community of self-builders (and potential future self-builders) that have gathered at Graven Hill. Elements of the building which normally do not see the light of day have been exposed and modern technologies are exhibited and explained. The house is open to the public and there will be regular tours by the multitude of experts and sub-contractors who were involved in the build and who documented the build as and when it happened. The RICS Awards are a recognition of the important message that the Self Build Education House has to communicate to the public, especially those interested in sustainable and high quality self-build housing. If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can help to realise your dream self build home at Graven Hill, or elsewhere, then get in touch with us for a free initial consultation!

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