April is the cruelest month, someone once said. Perhaps it was, but now, here standing in April 2021, it’s looking rather kindly. So much is going on here at lapd this month: from apartment blocks being filled with excited tenants to excited self builders laying yet more foundations at Graven Hill. From designing, through to planning, technical design and, ultimately, construction – it’s all happening in the lapd office. Our directors took a trip down to Devon to look at the beautiful site for an exciting new project, whilst our work for the Thames Valley Police is making great progress on site.

The year stretches out before us; we’re excited to see more of our clients see their dream homes completed on site. Anyway, words say something but pictures say more than that, so enjoy some of the exciting work that’s happening below! If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you to build your dream home, why not get in touch with us here.

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