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LAPD Architects
at Graven Hill

Working with you to realise your dream home.
Graven Hill is a unique opportunity that allows anyone with a dream to build a home that is completely and unequivocally their own.

If you are reading this you are most likely already part of that special community of self-builders that are embarking on their own individual journeys toward making their dreams a reality.

But how do you make your dream a reality?
You are surrounded by amazing opportunities, but those opportunities can seem overwhelming.

When passionate, skilled people and businesses are making noise from every direction, how do you make an informed decision and retain control over the process?

How do you make sure the choice, and the dream, is still yours?
LAPD Architects believes our transparent client-focussed service is the answer to that question. We filter the noise to achieve the right solution.

We are NOT big egos, or militant designers with our own agenda. We listen and design to your needs.

We ARE experts that turn your raw ideas and dreams into the quality design you want, for a budget you can afford.

We DO believe in good design, but good design only emerges from a company that is full of dedicated client-focussed listeners.

We take into consideration the resources you have at your disposal in order to remain grounded and realistic in how we help you navigate the real-life limitations that are a part of every self-build project, no matter what the scope.

From understanding your financial considerations to being sensitive towards the specific context of your plot of land, we will use our in depth understanding of the design and construction process to make your dream a reality.

LAPD Architects will walk alongside you as you embark on your journey. Our team of knowledgeable architects will filter the noise and communicate the decisions, which are yours to make, with clarity.

Our advice stems from a broad understanding of the whole self-build process and the specifics of building at Graven Hill - we are already involved with a number of projects at Graven Hill enabling us to guide you through their process and meet your deadlines.

We will ensure you build a home that is personal to you, rather than a house that could have been built by anyone.

We are a RIBA chartered practice that has helped many clients realise their dreams over the years. Click here to see some of the client homes we are proud to have been a part of.

We believe talking face to face is the best way to start a relationship with any potential client, believe it or not! Please get in touch with us to arrange your free initial consultation with one of our directors, and start the journey towards the home you have always dreamed of.